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Kuttipencil Malayalam Typing Utility

Kuttipencil Malayalam Typing Utility


Kuttipencil Malayalam Typing Utility

Are you looking for a Manglish to Malayalam converter? or Malayalam typing online tools? Here I am introducing a tool; which most of them may familiar with. is an online Malayalam Typing utility and font converter.

How to Use Kuttipencil

Using the Kuttipencil Keyboard layout you can easily type Malayalam online without installing any third-party keyboard. This online web application supports five keyboard layouts including Inscript, Typewriter, Panchari, GIST, and Varityper Phonetic. This web application also makes easier to type Malayalam in Mac and Ubuntu.

Kuttipencil Keyboard layout
Kuttipencil Keyboard layout

As I mentioned above, there are five keyboard layouts, choose the one which you like. If you are not familiar with the above keyboard layouts, use Manglish to Malayalam Keyboard.

Kuttipencil Manglish to Malayalam Converter

If you want to convert Manglish to Malayalam use Google Translate. What you need to do is just type and press the spacebar to get in Malayalam. Kuttipencil is using Google Transliterate API to convert English to Malayalam. So you don’t want to go anywhere! Additionally, they added a few more options like spell check, upload and download file, save text to online storage, Send to your Mail.

Kuttipencil Manglish to Malayalam
Kuttipencil English to Malayalam

Follow to Steps to convert:

  • Go to
  • Type the text and press Spacebar to get in Malayalam.

Short Keys

  • Ctrl + G key To switch between Malayalam and English.
  • Use Ctrl + A To select all text.
  • Ctrl + S To download the file.

Convert Unicode into ML/FML Series

The text that you typed using this tool will be in a Unicode format. You can use it on emails and ms word. But if you need to type Malayalam in Photoshop, first you need to convert them to ML/FML series.

  • At the top of the web application, you can see a button called “Convert”
  • Click on it to convert your content into ML or FML Series.
Kuttipencil Unicode to ASCII Converter
Kuttipencil Unicode to ASCII Converter

Kuttipencil Malayalam Typing Utility Features:

  • A simple interface and quick Malayalam typing tool for Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu.
  • Saving, sharing, printing, and downloading options.
  • Spellchecker and English – Malayalam dictionary.
  • Concert Unicode format to ML / FML series.
  • Concert English To Malayalam and vice versa.
  • Convert text to Audio (MP3 Format).
  • Available Chrome Extension and Firefox Addon

Limitation: Content limited to 10,000 words

Have any other Malayalam typing tool you think is worth? Share your reviews and thoughts. Drop it in the comments below!

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