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Top 10 YouTubers in Kerala 2020

Most Popular YouTubers in Kerala


Top 10 YouTubers in Kerala 2020

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform in the world. With over 400 hours of content uploaded every minute!! The figures climb higher by day by day. No matter what your interest area is, The platform has videos on almost any conceivable topic. Recently we conducted a survey to find top YouTube content creators and influencers in Kerala. Among that we picked top 10 YouTubers in Kerala.

How many YouTubers are there in Kerala? We don’t have any official count. Many of them are using YouTube channels to showcase their skills with creative content. From cooking shows to tech and travel vlogs, YouTube is flooded with Malayalam content. If you are looking for some of the most popular creators, this article is for you. Our listing includes the best youtube influencers and Malayalam Youtubers in Kerala.

10 Best Youtubers in Kerala

1. Sujith Bhakthan

Sujith Bhakthan

Tech Travel Eat by Sujith Bhakthan

Sujith Bhakthan is a popular travel blogger from Kerala and uses his channel to share Tech, Travel, and Food related videos. He started Tech Travel Eat channel on Aug 1, 2016, and has 1.54M subscribers. Sujith Bhakthan is best known for sharing travel-related content and covering hotels and restaurant reviews. He also runs Aanavandi blog where the users can search for details of Kerala State RTC buses. With high-quality content and presentation; he stands better among others. You must check out his videos next time if you’re on the lookout for travel-related videos in Malayalam.

2. Geo Joseph

Geo Joseph

M4 Tech

Geo Joseph yet another one of the best Youtubers in Kerala. He started M4 Tech channel with his friend Praveen Joseph on Apr 16, 2017, and since then he’s gained a massive fan following. M4 Tech YouTube channel has 6.08M subscribers on the last check. From reviewing the gadgets to sharing awesome DIY science and tech experimental videos, Geo Joseph’s channel has become a favorite for children and all kinds of audiences. The way of storytelling is interesting and it has given him an identity.

3. Firoz Chuttipara

Firoz Chuttipara - YouTuber Kerala

Village Food Channel

Firoz Chuttipara’s YouTube channel called Village Food Channel has 4.56M subscribers. He gave up his job as a Welder in Saudi Arabia and returned to his hometown of Chuttipara, Palakkad. A few years later he made a short video on ‘how to make soft Malabar parottas’ and has gained millions of views. Food vlogger Firoz Chuttipara has already conquered the hearts of the foodie lovers of Kerala with his recipe and style of presentation. After cooking he is also donating huge quantities of food to charities and orphanages. Take a look at his food-related videos.

4. Ebadu Rahman

Ebadu Rahman - YouTuber Kerala

Ebadu Rahman Tech

Ebadu Rahman yet another Malayalam content creator on YouTube. He Started Ebadu Rahman Tech channel on Jan 6, 2016, and has 798K subscribers on the last check. He uses his YouTube channel to create the latest Malayalam videos in all tech domains. A tech Vlogger, social media consultant, He shares information on gadgets to sharing the latest tech news.

5. Ratheesh R Menon

Ratheesh R Menon

Ratheesh R Menon

Ratheesh R Menon started his YouTube Channel on Jul 11, 2012. I think it is one of the oldest channels among the list. The channel has 988K subscribers on the last check. If you want tips, advice, and tutorials on tech or anything related to web and mobile applications I recommend you to subscribe to his channel.

6. Salih KT

 UNBOXINg dude


Salih KT aka UNBOXINg dude is one of the YouTube Influencer and content creators from Kerala. They do videos on really interesting stuff and with a different genre of entertainment. Currently, he has 2.89M subscribers.

7. Shakir Subhan

Shakir Subhan Mallu Traveler - YouTuber Kerala

Mallu Traveler

Shakir Subhan is one of the YouTube Malayalam content creators and influencers from Kerala. He covered Covered 24+ countries. He creates amazing travel videos and publishes it on the channel Mallu Traveler. With over 2.22M subscribers, Mallu Traveler takes you to the beautiful journey through different countries, cultures of the places he visits. Recently his vlog on coronavirus isolation ward was viral.

8. Veena Jan

Veena's Curryworld

Veena’s Curryworld

On Veena’s Curryworld, the popular cookery vlog teaches viewers how to cook authentic Kerala foods and curries. Veena has gained over 2.09 million subscribers on her YouTube channel by whipping up culinary feasts. Veena is one of the YouTube Bloggers in Kerala who makes food-related content. Also, she is the first woman from Kerala to grab Golden Play Button from YT. If you are interested in cooking, then Veena’s Curryworld is the one you follow.

9. Mujeeb T


MT Vlog

Mujeeb T is one of the YouTubers from Kerala having 1.78M subscribers for his channel MT Vlog. Even though he is a Chemistry teacher by profession, he shares motivational and educational videos. Through his videos gives great advice on effective parenting, study techniques, spoken English, mind relaxation techniques, and much more.

10. Shameera PR

Shameera PR - YouTuber Kerala

Shamees Kitchen

Shameera PR has gained over 3.15 million subscribers on her culinary channel Shamees Kitchen. She tries to post simple, easy & authentic new Indian recipes daily. Her YouTube channel is still growing and earning views from her extensive foodie lovers. Their videos focus on cooking the kind of food which is easy to recreated and can be cooked with available ingredients.

Top 10 Youtubers in Kerala 2020

YouTuber NameChannel Name
Sujith BhakthanTech Travel Eat by Sujith Bhakthan
Geo JosephM4 Tech
Firoz ChuttiparaVillage Food Channel
Ebadu RahmanEbadu Rahman Tech
Ratheesh R MenonRatheesh R Menon
Salih KTUNBOXINg dude
Shakir SubhanMallu Traveler
Veena JanVeena’s Curryworld
Mujeeb TMT Vlog
Shameera PRShamees Kitchen

The order of the list is not based on ranking but they are the most popular YouTubers in Kerala. Subscriber Count was updated on 04th May 2021. Image courtesy: respective IG and FB accounts.


Who is your favorite Malayalam YouTuber? If there are any other Influencers or YouTube Bloggers from Kerala that I’ve left off the list, drop it in the comments below!



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