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Top 100+ Article Submission Sites

Article Submission Sites List
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Top 100+ Article Submission Sites

Article submission is the best way to publish your business content online; so that you can increase brand or product awareness. Also, it is an effective off-page SEO method to gain quality backlinks.

Apart from getting a dofollow or nofollow backlink; this will helps you to gain new readers or audience towards your blog. Target your audience and increase your brand & product awareness.

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There are dozens of submission sites available today. So before submitting articles; you should prepare a list of sites where you are going to submit your articles. Because if your product is about technology; you don’t want to go and submit your articles on health-related submission sites.

Top Article Submission Sites
Top Article Submission Sites

Advantages of Article Submission

  • Improves online visibility
  • Build quality backlinks
  • Boost search traffic
  • Increase brand awareness and online business credibility
  • Generate new customers and drive traffic
  • Submit at free of cost

Top 10 Most Popular Article Submission Sites

There are hundreds of sites offers submission services. Here’s a list of my favorite and most popular article submission sites.

Sl.NoTop 10 Article Submission Sites

Article Submission Best Practices

  • Filter article submission sites based on the industrial category to which your blog or product belongs to.
  • Don’t add too many links in the body of the article.
  • Write naturally; Don’t write promotional content.
  • Don’t plagiarize.
  • Don’t stuff keywords
  • Keep links in the bio – Include the link of your website in the author’s description box.

Article Submission Sites with Instant Approval

We cannot guarantee how long it will take to approve your submitted articles to get published. It depends on each site and their availability. Normally most of the sites will take less than 7 business days to moderate the article. Here is the list of Instant Approval Article Submission Sites; where it won’t take a long period to get approval.

Sl.NoInstant Approval Article Submission Sites

100 Article Submission Sites List

Here is the list of 100 sites where you can submit your articles. Filter it based on the category to which your product or company belongs to.

Sl.NoArticle Submission Sites


So what are you looking for? Submit your articles on the above listed best submission sites in India. Make a content strategy and distribute your content and attract a wider audience. Article submission is one of the One effective off-page activity in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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if there are any article submission sites that I’ve left off the list, you can share it in comments.

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