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How ‘Arjyou’ YouTube Videos Went Viral

ArjYou YouTuber


How ‘Arjyou’ YouTube Videos Went Viral

Arjyou Earns over 2M subscribers within 3 Weeks on YouTube

Arjun Sundareshan better known as Arjyou is now trending in YouTube with his funny roasted videos. He set the YouTube on fire earlier this week and became an overnight sensation.

Arjyou has amassed around 3M subscribers and 117,676,663 views on YouTube, on the last check. That’s more than most of the well-known YouTubers.

Arjyou’s YouTube Stats Updated: 31 January 05:30 AM

Arjyou Subscriber Count: 3M subscribers

Arjyou Youtuber from Kerala

Arjyou YouTube Videos

Who is Arjyou? With just 5 videos, the young boy Arjun Sundareshan has gained quite a stardom in such a small time span. Most of the official Movie/Trolls/Music YouTube Channels have also been left far behind. Yes, It was a dream for every YouTuber!

He Started YouTube Channel 2 years before But was not at all active. He turned active a few weeks before with some interesting reaction for Tiktok videos. His content and the presentation was Interesting, so people loved to share on social media. Currently, posts, trolls of Arjyou are trending on all social media platforms. Now Anything he posts on his social media handles, fans take notice and shower with comments and love.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the social platforms like YouTube, Facebook have generally been using more than usual. Arjyou, the YouTube Channel has seen a major rise in subscribers, as well as, viewers count.

About the Man Behind Arjyou YouTube Channel

Arjyou YouTube Channel

Arjun Sundareshan is from Alappuzha, Kerala; who is studying at St.Joseph College of Communication, Changanacherry, Kerala.

Many people will say there is a formula to Trend on Youtube or to gain more subscribers. of course, there is. But coincidence can happen. It really seems like the best way to become viral is to make something that really people likes. Understand the audience and it’s all about your content and presentation.

Check Most Viewed Roasting Youtube videos of Arjyo

Congrats Arjun Sundareshan for your achievement. Create more interesting videos.

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