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How to Exclude a Category From Your WordPress Homepage

Exclude Category Posts from Home Page


How to Exclude a Category From Your WordPress Homepage

Don’t you want to list category posts on the home page? By default, WordPress will display all your latest posts on the front page. Read this article to get to know about how to exclude category posts from your WordPress home page.

Why Hide a Category Post from WordPress Homepage?

Home Page creates an overall impression of your site. Using the WordPress plugin you can easily exclude unwanted posts appearing on your main page. It may help keep the home page clean and even more organized.

Remove Category Posts from Home Page Using Ultimate Category Excluder

Step 1: Go to the Plugin section of your WordPress dashboard and click on add new button. Search Ultimate Category Excluder. Install and activate the plugin

Ultimate Category Excluder
Ultimate Category Excluder

Step 2: After activating Ultimate Category Excluder, Go to Settings > Category Excluder

Settings - Ultimate Category Excluder
Settings >Category Excluder

Step 3: Use this settings page to select the categories you wish to exclude from the front page and click Update.

Exclude Category Posts from Home Page
Exclude Category Posts from Home Page

The plugin also allows uses to exclude posts from Feeds, Archives, and Search.

Now check your website’s main page, and you can notice the selected categories were excluded.

Hope this helped you to exclude a category from your WordPress front page. Let us know your thoughts through comments.

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