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Best IT AMC Companies in Dubai

Best IT AMC Companies in Dubai


Best IT AMC Companies in Dubai

IT AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) companies handle your IT Support and maintenance that helps monitor your IT infrastructure easily and allows your business to run seamlessly. Annual maintenance contract is an effective solution for managing the service or systems to function properly in a working environment. There are innumerable companies in Dubai that provide the best AMC services. Let’s have a look at some of them.

List of Top 5 IT AMC Companies in Dubai

1. DMS IT Solutions

DMS is one of the most prominent IT AMC service providers in Dubai. Their services include Routine hardware maintenance, Preventive maintenance solutions, On-site IT Support, Disaster Data backup and recovery, complete solutions for Wi-Fi related issues, Management and cleansing of disks, Server & network installations, Security management, etc. DMS IT provides the finest IT AMC services that can eliminate the everyday troubles in the IT system and ensure everything works seamlessly inside the office. Their AMC services will help businesses operate in a hassle-free manner and can be customized based on the business needs to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

2. Fujisoft

Fujisoft was established in the year 2002 in Dubai, UAE as an Information Technology Solutions and Service provider. It is one of the best IT AMC Dubai providers in the UAE region. The company works on annual maintenance contracts for IT infrastructure and businesses can increase the efficiency of their system by solving downtime or technical issues easily. The services include New PC framework arrangements, software installations, troubleshooting, configurations, threats detection, antivirus protection, IT infrastructure support and appropriate network connections, etc. the company’s AMC services and solutions are designed to wade-off every trouble before it begins and with a team of highly experienced IT professionals, they help businesses overcome any IT infrastructure challenges.

3. EuroTech

Since its establishment in 2008, EuroTech has ensured the best delivery of IT AMC services. Led by a European management team, the company offers round the clock services and support to small and medium-sized businesses across the UAE and its annual maintenance contract is built to assure the clients of the best performance from their IT infrastructure. With the help of Euro Tech, companies can now reduce the risk of any unforeseen disasters significantly. Euro Tech has a team of highly qualified, skilled, and experienced professionals who assists businesses in securing the operations utilizing best of breed reporting tools and intelligent best practices. The company guarantees that the clients receive top-notch support at a pocket-friendly price.

4. CubeZix Business Technologies

Cubezix is a full-service IT solutions provider company in Dubai UAE. Established in the year 2017, the company is committed to providing end-to-end IT services and solutions to brands & companies across the globe. Cubezix technologies have delivered premium services being a part of IT AMC Providers in Dubai and its services ensure that the IT network of the company is working flawlessly. The company helps the clients to manage their IT infrastructure from desktops to servers through data, networks, and application. The customers will be assisted throughout their investment life cycle from the preliminary stage until the technology evaluation by procurement, design, and implementation.

5. Geeks

Geeks help you monitor the business IT infrastructure efficiently and prevent issues through the predicative and proactive support functionalities. Established in the year 2014, the company assures that every AMC client receives the fastest response time through a transparent portal that monitors every activity throughout the engagement. The company’s highly-trained technicians will assist the businesses on-site or remotely to provide them with the best AMC service one can have. With Geek’s IT Annual Maintenance Contracts in Dubai clients can enjoy an efficient, transparent, technology-driven service without having to spend extra money or deal with manual processes.

If you’re looking for the best IT support AMC company in Dubai, the above mentioned are some of them. Whether its system security, support, or maintenance, IT AMC solutions can help businesses create a unique IT/network that runs flawlessly. The clients from across the field – be it commercial, manufacturing, leisure, or public sector – can use the help of these IT specialists to build an efficient and proactive work environment so that all the business objectives can be achieved in a time-bound manner.

IT AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) Companies in Dubai

IT AMC CompanyWebsite
DMS IT Solutions
CubeZix Business Technologies

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